Concept Solutions People Ltd Value Asset Protection and Subscribe to Linesearch

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In February 2014, CSP subscribed to the National Linesearch database for all Utility providers.

The facility ‘Linesearchbeforeudig’ manages the distribution of an asset owners plant information. ‘LinesearchbeforeUdig’ provides a single point of contact for all enquiries relating to the apparatus owned and/or operated by the Asset Owners protected by ‘LinesearchbeforeUdig’, including underground and overhead transmission/distribution electricity networks, transmission/distribution gas networks, oil pipelines, and fibre optic networks.

All enquirers receive an instant response to their initial enquiry advising if their location is inside/outside a zone for the ‘LinesearchbeforeUdig’ Asset Owners. The result of this filtering process means that enquirers receive faster response times and ‘LinesearchbeforeUdig’ Asset Owners only receive relevant (Inside Zone) enquiries so removing the need to check enquiries that are not near their asset base.

This facility ensures CSP’s and ultimately, its clients networks, are fully protected.