Dark Fibre Direct

Concept Solutions People Ltd (CSP) provides industry leading, low cost “lease to own” commercial models for dark fibre connectivity so, why pay a single, large upfront payment that you would normally encounter for such a network in a day and age when budgets are being continually squeezed?

CSP provides its clients with lease based payment models whereby you simply pay a connection charge followed by tailored annual or quarterly rental payments over a defined and fixed term. This is basically the same concept as a conventional leased line type service obtainable from the general Telecoms Providers, however, the CSP model differs in that at the end of a fixed term period, i.e. 3 or 5 years, unlike the Telecoms Providers, we transfer the asset of the dark fibre cable to client ownership and effectively on-going cost free use, forever!

During the lease term, CSP will provide service support and maintenance of the network and will continue to provide a low cost maintenance service for your dark fibre asset on an annual recurring support basis after the lease period has ended.

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