Aberystwyth University realise year on year savings with their new Dark Fibre network from Pinacl Solutions and CSP.

Aberystwyth University is a multi campus University which attracts over 10,000 students a year. The Information Services department at the University are fully responsible for running the core IT services at the University for both staff and students which involves supporting some 12,000 users engaged in teaching, learning and research.

Following a lengthy internal study of the capabilities of their existing network, Aberystwyth University decided to tender for a new network that would provide them with a flexible, cost effective and future proof solution. Aberystwyth University selected the Janet Telecoms Framework agreement as a cost effective and efficient method of procuring the replacement network.
As a multi-campus University, Aberystwyth has a number of student residences located throughout the town. The University needed to improve the network capacity between the main campus and the student accommodation in the town and had the choice of upgrading their existing leased line circuits to deliver the improved network capacity or to invest in their own dark fibre infrastructure.
Upgrading the existing leased line circuits would result in a significant increase in the associated annual rentals with its current suppliers as well as additional connection charges.

Pinacl Solutions, through its tender response, were able to provide its client with a dark fibre network infrastructure whereby the University would own the fibre assets within the financial constraints of the project. CSP were selected as the Dark Fibre Partner to deliver the network.
Dark Fibre networks are no longer readily available from network suppliers and high speed services typically attract high connection and on-going annual rental charges. CSP’s Dark Fibre Direct proposition fully met the University’s requirements whilst providing them with the options to lease or own the dark fibre assets outright. After reviewing the options, Aberystwyth University decided to purchase the Dark Fibre network upfront as opposed to a lease purchase agreement. With the typical lifespan of a Dark Fibre network being 30 years plus, the University will realise significant cost savings for the remainder of the fibre’s life. This future proof model will not only save the University money but will give them a great deal of flexibility and control over their bandwidth. It is estimated that the University will see a Return On Investment in four years.

The dark fibre network installation was completed by CSP in just 5 weeks which has greatly exceeded the University’s expectations and surprised the Local Authority, who fully supported CSP before and during the build. This meant that the University was able to switch to its new network well ahead of schedule. As part of the contract, Aberystwyth University have an on-going maintenance contract which ensures that an engineer is dispatched to site within the given SLA to repair any faults that may occur on the fibre network.