Concept Solutions People gains access to 173million Km network

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Concept Solutions People (CSP) can now create new Next Generation Access networks anywhere in the UK (except Hull) through a licencing agreement with Openreach.

Physical Infrastructure Access (PIA) allows CSP to install its own cables in Openreach ducts and on its poles and reduces the capital cost of fibre installation. This option now forms an important new component in CSP’s capabilities alongside traditional duct construction and individual dedicated fibre links.


In the last 6 months CSP has added significant new options to its portfolio, enabling it to create dark and dedicated fibre solutions for organisations that want to benefit from the flexibility and future-proofing of multiple fibres and wavelengths using Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP).

Dave Bowler, CSP’s Technical Director said: “The ability to create more cost-effective fibre solutions over much greater areas means we can meet our clients’ requirements more closely and deliver the benefits of FTTP to many more locations.”