Five benefits of dedicated fibre networks

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There is a lot of talk about fibre. Fibre is the future and you need it now.

However, once you've got fibre what are the best ways to use it?

Once your building is connected to a fibre network you can access more bandwidth on a range of internet, data networks, switched and dedicated fibre services.

These networks have different characteristics and there are times when you need;

  • More throughput, not just bandwidth;
  • Fixed and lower latency;
  • More control over changes and growth over time;
  • More security; and
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

A point-to-point dark fibre or dedicated fibre connection offers all these benefits.

What do we mean by "dark fibre" and "dedicated fibre"?

Dark fibre is a fibre that you light using your own equipment. This might a switch or router or a proprietary device running CCTV or some measuring or reporting device.

Dedicated fibre means a fibre-optic link between two locations which is not shared with anyone else. It is a continuous fibre connection. There will be a carrier Network Termination box at each end which lights the fibre, but there is nothing in-between. It is a short, direct link, like dark fibre, but by leasing fibre in an existing cable the setup costs are reduced. Costs can be further reduced by accepting a fixed bandwidth.



The lowest latency on any network is achieved by a short, point-to-point fibre link. This also guarantees a fixed latency, which is important for some applications.


With our Dark Fibre and High Capacity Dedicated Fibre you can change your equipment at each end and increase the bandwith when you want to. Because you control the bandwidth you never need to wait while a bigger circuit is installed.

You can also use "jumbo frames" and they will pass over the fibre, unlike some managed and switched networks.



Internet-based or switched carrier circuits that traverse long distances to carriers' core networks create bottlenecks, reducing throughput. The technicalities of TCP/IP networking, forward error-correction and greater latency combine to reduce the throughput on your network. Dark and dedicated fibre networks only have your equipment and short fibre distances, which maximise throughput.

A private network

The fibre link connecting your buildings is a continuous strand. It doesn't go through carrier switches and it is located in a multi-fibre cable, inside a duct and buried in the ground.

By creating a private network you reduce access points and the number of firewalls. This reduces complexity and cost.


Lowest cost options

For higher bandwidths or permanent building connections the lowest Total Cost of Ownership is achieved by installing your own dark fibre.

We also have a range of Dedicated Fibre services that combine exceptional value for money with the benefits above for shorter contract terms.

Some example prices are shown below, ask for a quote.


Q. Doesn't this cost a lot?

A. No. Our defined bandwidth dedicated fibre circuits start at less than £200/month for 1Gbps. Commercial models range from capital intensive to wholly monthly-recurring.

Q. Is this dark fibre?

A. One of our solutions is dark fibre which can be either a part of a new infrastructure project or leased fibre in an existing cable. Our dedicated fibre services offer lower set-up costs with bandwidth and flexibility similar to dark fibre. The right solution for your needs depends on distance between buildings, length of contract term and bandwidth requirements.

Q. What buildings can I connect with dedicated fibre?

A. You can link buildings within a campus or across a town. You can create a hub and spoke network or a resilient ring network. You can also use dedicated fibre to connect to your local data centre where you can connect to an ISP, host all your equipment in a secure and resilient environment or just create a secure backup site. 

Q. What networks can I run over dedicated fibre?

A. True dark fibre networks can handle any network application driven by your own equipment. This can be proprietary (for CCTV, signalling, measuring etc.) or standard Ethernet, Fibre Channel etc. Dedicated fibre links offer Ethernet interfaces from 100Mbps to 100Gbps as well as Fibre Channel and other standard protocols.

Q. Do I pay fibre tax (business rates) on dedicated fibre services?

A. No. Our dedicated fibre services include any applicable fibre taxes or business rates.