CSP provide High Speed Fibre Links, starting with the 2012 Olympic CCTV Network.

CSP were awarded their first contract in 2012, to provide fibre connectivity for a new CCTV camera system for the London Borough of Newham at West Ham Underground/DLR station and surrounding area. A high bandwidth, dark fibre network linked the cameras to the client’s CCTV control room, facilitating monitoring of pedestrian traffic levels, in time for the Olympic and Paralympics Games.

Our aim was to deploy infrastructure for our client which would provide an on-going legacy due to its ability to accommodate high data volumes, providing opportunities for other services to utilise the fibre in the future.

In view of the timescales associated with the Olympic Games, CSP commenced works on the links on 16th January 2012 and the connectivity was operational by 31st March 2012, to facilitate testing/commissioning of the camera system in April. CSP achieved its timeframe challenges with time to spare.

Since 2012 CSP has continually undertaken fibre installation and support services for the London Borough of Newham, providing connectivity for council buildings and the CCTV network across the Borough. CSP have installed fibre optic networks over the last few years connecting over 50 buildings and upwards of 200 CCTV columns.