Concept Solutions People were proud to provide a High Speed Dark Fibre Network for The Mayor’s Newham Show following the successes of the 2012 Olympics.

To celebrate this once in a lifetime opportunity, the council organised a fantastic series of free events to ensure 2012 went down in history as Newham’s finest year to date. The events took place over the 21st and 22nd of July 2012 and CSP were delighted to have been chosen to provide the high speed fibre optic connectivity required to support the CCTV and Big Screen applications.

CSP’s fibre solution was designed specifically for the demanding bandwidth requirements of High Definition CCTV and Big Screen Event technology and to ensure that the safety of thousands of event goers and performers was monitored seamlessly in the back ground whilst they fully enjoyed the whole experience on the Big Screen.

The timeframe to the ‘go live’ date was extremely tight and whilst most mobile events have cables safely ‘loose laid’, CSP deployed a comprehensive underground, telecoms grade duct system to securely accommodate the fibre optic cables.

The infrastructure had the capability to not only support the spectacular of The Mayors Newham 2012 Show but also future events thus making this a very flexible and cost effective solution for the council.

This has proven to be a worthwhile investment because the show has continued every year since 2012 and CSP are the preferred supplier to deliver the fibre connectivity each year.