Concept Solutions People Ltd provide a dark fibre network for the Students of UoE

Keycom plc had a requirement to replace their existing connectivity, which supported a significant number of the University of Edinburgh Student Residences, with a resilient dark fibre network connecting the main hub site at Pollock Campus and twenty-eight city buildings. Their old network was primarily supported by BT leased line circuits based on the carrier’s standard telecom circuits with annual rentals based on bandwidth required. For Keycom to upgrade the existing network to deliver the bandwidth, resilience and connectivity required would have resulted in a sizeable increase in the associated annual rentals as well as connection charges. Keycom approached Concept Solutions People (CSP) being a dark fibre provider that could replace their existing network with a reliable, flexible solution offering enhanced capacity and reduced cost.

CSP designed a resilient Dark Fibre network, providing Keycom with the freedom and flexibility to connect whatever communications equipment they required, at the bandwidth they needed. CSP deployed, via their new duct and chamber network, combinations of 288, 96, 24 and 8 fibre cables throughout the City of Edinburgh to provide each location with fibre optic connectivity. The fibre network was further enhanced by building in at least 50% spare capacity to support future connections.

CSP completed the build of the Dark Fibre Network for the sole use of Keycom and the University of Edinburgh, which supports high speed services which are infinitely faster than traditional communications technologies. By deploying the new Dark Fibre network, CSP have provided a fully resilient and future proofed networking environment enabling Keycom and the University to support its current and future network strategies and be capable of supporting the bandwidth hungry needs of today and in the future whilst ensuring sustainable high speed network access for all of its users. CSP will also provide a total care maintenance / service level covering Customer Affecting Critical Faults, with an 8-hour response and fix target clearance time, for a minimum of 5 years giving Keycom and its IT Team absolute peace of mind.

Our aim at CSP is always to provide and deploy Dark Fibre infrastructure for our clients which will provide an on-going legacy due to its ability to accommodate high data volumes, which will provide opportunities for other services to utilise the fibre as and when and to further extend the current University network both speedily and cost effectively when required.