Customer service is the provision of our services to customers before, during and after a purchase. We believe our customer service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction, that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customer expectation.

Dark Fibre Solutions

Glide Fibre’s dark fibre solutions are designed specifically for today’s demanding data users in the media, finance, enterprise and public sector domains. Each dark fibre network is designed to meet specific client requirements ranging from a simple point-to-point dark fibre connection, through to dedicated enterprise networks or even the full development and commercialisation of regional open access networks. Our solutions allow customers to realise the full potential of fibre, and is presented as ‘dark fibre’ for you to manage and add equipment according to your own requirements. We are confident we can design and deploy a solution to suit your operational and budgetary needs.

Dedicated Fibre Solutions

Dedicated Fibre comprises a direct, end-to-end fibre connection between two locations, dedicated to you. This means that we can offer low latency, high-throughput connections more cost-effectively. Bandwidths range from 100Mbps to 32x10Gbps.

Civil Engineering

Glide Fibre has extensive knowledge and experience in the deployment of fibre optic duct networks. Via teams of fully qualified managers, supervisors and operatives we provide high quality ducting networks both efficiently and cost effectively.

Our teams and supervisory staff are NRSWA accredited enabling us to offer a full duct installation service from the design through to the planning and construction of underground ducting and chambers. Our in-house fibre technicians undertake our fibre optic cable installations, termination and Bi-directional OTDR testing requirements through to our CAD teams to digitise and provide our as-built documentation.

Data Centre

Data Centres require multiple, diversely-routed access ducts to provide reassurance for customers that their networks are resilient. Glide Fibre design, build and manage ducts between the data centre and the nearest main carrier routes to ensure as many carriers as possible can connect to the data centre easily and quickly.

Network Maintenance

Glide Fibre can provide preventative and corrective maintenance, technology integration, and operation of on-site or off-site Maintenance Centre for repairs with customer agreed service levels. Standard Care or Total Care service levels can be provided.